VirtualStax Digital Campaign Results

VirtualStax is a blockchain startup that aims to help talented people fund their careers via NFTs and other digital assets.

The brief was to run large-scale social media and Google campaigns for the rollout of VirtualStaX, a platform supported by Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees, Jean de Villiers, and Randy Jackson.

Our NFT and Golf Obsessions Finally Collide

I wasn’t expecting anyone in the golfing industry to make big moves in the DAO and NFT space very soon, but low and behold, the Linksdao has launched. “We are building the world’s greatest golf & leisure club” is the tagline.

We tested DALL-E, the AI image creator

We recently tested Dall-E, the AI image creator and it blew our minds. This incredible technology has the ability to create images that look so real, you can’t tell they’re not actually photos. It has been making waves on social media, and rightly so. With advancements in artificial intelligence like this, it’s clear that the future is looking very bright indeed.

Kingly | Clark Announces Second Release of Mrzyk Moriceau NFTs

After an extremely successful first mint, Mrzyk & Moriceau have again partnered with Kingly | Clark for “No Fungus Today” – their second release and another amazing opportunity to own M&M’s unique artwork while also joining the Mrzyk & Moriceau community.

Building Web3 from the Ashes of the Cryptopocalypse

According to a lot of mainstream analysts and government talking heads, the blockchain is dead. With the recent crypto crash and the sinking of FTX on everyone’s minds, nobody wants to think about investing in Web3 technology.

Explain the Blockchain To Me Like I’m 5 Years Old

With the recent launch of Openai’s GPT chat bot, we’ve been spending some late nights testing it out. We ended up asking the AI some blockchain related questions to see how much it can dumb information down. Here is how the conversation went.

A Robot Gives Golf Advice

You know you’re desperate to fix your game when you need to get an AI involved to give you golfing advice. Well, that’s exactly what has happened here. OpenAI’s GPT chat admitted upfront that it/he/she has never played golf, but the advice that followed, is pretty decent. A verbal lesson, for free. We’ll take anything at this point.

Crypto | The Good, The Bad And The New Generation

The future of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is an exciting and rapidly-evolving field. In recent years, the use of cryptocurrency and NFTs has exploded, with more and more people using them for a wide range of purposes, from buying and selling goods and services to investing and trading.