Anybodies NFT Shows Us Their IRL Utility and We Approve

Anybodies is a metaverse clothing brand that's breaking new ground by fusing digital fashion with unique real-life collectables.

Scrole down

We’ve been bullish on Anybodies since mint day and that sentiment has not changed one bit. Through our interactions with the Anybodies team on Twitter, we later realised they are also a South African based team, confirming once again that innovation in Web3 is moving at rapid pace in and around SA.

What is Anybodies? From their website:

Anybodies is a metaverse clothing brand that’s breaking new ground by fusing digital fashion with unique real-life collectable garments.

After minting the above two pieces, there were talks in the Anybodies community about another IRL merch drop – after they had already dropped AF1 sneakers to certain holders. This is where the team started showing off, letting holders mint a virtual hoodie and then redeem it for a real one. Once redeemed, the artwork switched to a metaverse version of the hoodie. Yes, it’s dope.

Let’s cut to the chase. We received our Anybodies hoodie at Kingly Clark Labs. First impression: it’s great to finally have invested in an NFT with some real life value/utility. This will be a big part of the future of the NFT space, and we love that we can participate in the emergence of such an awesome era. The unboxing was better than anything we’ve seen from major fashion brands, adding an element of Artificial Intelligence to the experience. After this experience, we’re excited to see what more will come from the Anybodies x Tay Keith drop (thanks for the whitelist Elli).